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So you want to get into the wonderful world of voiceover?...

Well I don't blame you. It's a satisfying, creative, fun and potentially lucrative career but you haven't got any idea on where to start right? Well that's where I come in.

With over 20 years in voice acting and voice production I will guide you through a five step process giving you the confidence and ammunition you need to move into the voiceover universe.

Plus we have a complete solution to recording your voice-reel from the studio or from your very own home.

Step 1. 

We have a friendly chat and I get to understand your voice, delivery and tone.

Step 2.

You are supplied with commercial scripts to hide yourself away with and practice, practice, practice!

Step 3.

We record your Voicereel either completely online with direction live from me or from a dedicated London studio.

Step 4. Your spanking new recordings are edited and mixed into a mind blowing, sparkly new Voicereel.  

Step 5.

You will receive invaluable advice on approaching agents, gaining work and becoming a professional voiceover artiste!

*Voice Analysis

*Specially Selected Scripts

*Recording Session

*Professional Showreel Production

*Expert Advice

£250 Online Package

£300 Online and Studio Package

Contact me for a friendly chat

Tel: 07740338400


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